Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Did you know that your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently and effectively? 

Thorough cleaning also prevents potentially harmful bacteria and moulds from building up and keeps your air clean and fresh for you, your family or employees.  

Save money and energy whilst getting the best output from your system by booking a Hallinan service now. 

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How often should my Air Conditioner be serviced? 

The indoor part of your system will have dust filters which work hard to capture contaminants in the air of your home or business. The more these contaminants build up, the harder your system has to work to push air through the filter. This alone can increase your running costs by 5 – 15 % whilst placing extra load on your equipment. 

Whilst air conditioner manufacturers often dictate that filters should be cleared at least monthly, the true answer is “it depends”. How often – and for how long – you use your system will be the biggest factor in how regular your system should receive attention. 

Our qualified technicians can make recommendations based on your usage and the condition of your filters. 

Did you know?

According to a 2016 report, Geraldton has some of the most contaminated air in Australia

Did you know?

Dirty filters can increase your running costs by as much as 15%

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Ducted Split System A/C Service

Maintenance Service

Optional Filter Media Replacement

Wall Mounted Split System A/C Service

Maintenance Service

Optional Chemical Clean

  Evaporative Cooler A/C Service

Maintenance Service

Need a maintenance schedule you can rely on?

If you’re running a business or even a busy family household, you’ll appreciate not having to think about the wellbeing of your air conditioners. 

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Authorised Warranty Agents - Fujitsu & Daikin

If anything goes wrong it’s good to know that Hallinan Refrigeration & Airconditioning are the region’s only authorised warranty agents for the renowned Fujitsu and Daikin airconditioning brands. Being awarded as warranty agents means that our customers can receive another level of assurance that prompt and professional solutions are just a phone call away. 

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