Coolrooms & Freezers

Refrigeration mechanic servicing a chiller at supermarket in Geraldton

No matter your business or the size of your space, Hallinan Refrigeration & Airconditioning can plan and fit a custom cool room or walk-in freezer to suit your needs.

30 Years Operating in Geraldton

Coolrooms, walk-in chillers & freezers are the perfect solution for a variety of commercial operations including:

Customised to your exact requirements

Your budget, application and space will help us design your optimal cool room or walk-in freezer. We’ll consider your requirements to help determine your room capacity, layout, door system and accessories. With a great variety of options, your cold storage can help you improve your productivity whilst keeping your operating costs to a minimum.

Food Safety & Health

If you’re thinking about investing in a cool room or walk-in freezer, you’re probably concerned about food safety integrity and the health of your team and customers. Our cool rooms and walk-in freezers are all designed to meet and exceed your safety needs with the use of smart materials which greatly reduce risks of mould and contamination.

Our durable cold store systems are constructed with smooth finished insulative panelling that minimises the chance of adherence from spilled or contacted substances. This smooth finishing also makes cleaning a breeze, so maintaining a spotless cool room can be done quickly by anyone in your team.

We also choose all sealants with your application in mind to ensure your cool room walls remain impervious to foreign particles and any unwanted pests.

24/7 Technician Call-Out

Rely on the Hallinan team for prompt response to get your cold storage cool room or freezer back up and running. If your cold storage has been neglected and needs urgent repairs or maintenance, call the Hallinan team now.

Planned & Preventative Maintenance

Did you know that the Hallinan team will devise a maintenance schedule that keeps your cold storage working at its peak?

Learn more about Hallinan Planned & Preventative Maintenance schemes for your commercial cool room or freezer.