Cassette Airconditioning

Cassette airconditioning is an ideal solution for larger open plan spaces including offices and retail outlets.

Cassette Airconditioning unit by Fujitsu

Visually Discreet

Cassette Air Conditioning units are visually discreet, with a non-intrusive grill design that sits neatly under the ceiling.

Even Temperature Distribution

Air can be distributed throughout the space in multiple directions, providing even temperature and all-round comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Energy management features such as programmable weekly timers, a sleep timer and economy mode offer an efficient cooling and heating solution. The cassette range of air conditioning units are ideal for larger open plan spaces such as offices and retail outlets

Easy To Maintain

With removal intake grills possible, cassette air conditioners can be kept clean and maintained easily, while louvres can be wiped down to remove any dust for a cleaner air flow.