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Hospitality Refrigeration and air conditioning

Your hospitality business relies on providing consistently fresh and chilled products as a minimum. But there’s more to it than that.

Many astute restaurateurs, bar and hotel owners also see refrigeration solutions as a way to maximise profitability and customer satisfaction. Keeping food safety paramount doesn’t have to cost you sales or productivity when you rely on the Hallinan team to develop your hospitality refrigeration solutions.

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Refrigeration for attention and sales

Are you in the business of retailing delicious creations through a café, restaurant, hotel or bar? Selling your food is as much about it’s visibility as it is about great, fresh taste. Well-considered refrigerated display cabinets are an excellent choice to finally push that hungry customer over the line of temptation.

Refrigerated Display Cabinets

The Hallinan team are local display cabinet install, maintenance & repair specialists. We understand your hospitality needs and that every space in a restaurant, bar, café or hotel is both precious and unique.

Install a display cabinet

Are you replacing an existing display cabinet, remodelling your restaurant or starting a café from scratch? With extensive knowledge in commercial refrigerated cabinet solutions, rely on us to recommend and install display cabinets that will fit your space, optimise your sales and improve your productivity.

Refrigeration for productivity and convenience

When you’re running a bar, restaurant, hotel or café, you’re conscious of keeping quality product within convenient reach of your team. Maximising your team’s efficiency is especially important in the hospitality sector. Every second it takes to retrieve a product is extra time your customers could be waiting. Those seconds also add up and come at a financial cost.

Install under bench refrigeration

Are you replacing an existing under-counter / under-bench fridge, remodelling your restaurant or starting a café from scratch? No matter your stage or business, your space is precious and you need to be working at maximum efficiency. With extensive knowledge in commercial refrigeration solutions, rely on us to recommend and install under bench refrigeration that optimises your productivity and space.

Maintenance for your display cabinets & under bench fridge

Letting your cabinet or under-bench fail can spell disaster. If you’re lucky, you or your team will notice something isn’t right and take steps to save the food from spoiling. Less lucky, a dissatisfied customer will let you know that their purchase wasn’t good. Worse yet, an unsuspecting customer falls severely ill due to products kept at incorrect temperatures. All of these scenarios are possible and eventually one of them is bound to happen if planned maintenance is neglected.

Sleep well knowing your refrigeration is in great shape. Book a Hallinan refrigeration specialist to routinely service your precious assets and be assured you’re receiving optimum efficiency and performance for safe, quality products your customers will enjoy.

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